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May 26, 2021

A new event for the Anywhere Festival. The Neon Light Still Shines—A Neon Sign Bus Tour was exactly as described: a tour, on a bus, in the dark, looking at neon signs. But, as a co-production between Chris Osborne (Australian Modern) and Michael ‘Mr Neon’ Blazek (Neon Signs Australia), it was so very much more than ‘just’ a tour.

This event was a memorable four hours in the company of one of the influential re/creators of neon in Brisbane. The opportunity to see Brisbane through the eyes of a master craftsman/glass bender/sign master brings a new dimension to experiencing the city.

The Neon Light Still Shines bus tour is a deft blending of art, craft, commerce, and heritage. NOTE: Neon sign bus tours are also available for group bookings.

Review quote and photo credits: Creative Futures Photography

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