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Want to know more about mid-century design?

Here are our links to interesting websites and articles related to the world of mid-century design.
The Mid Century Modern League, Portland Oregon (USA)
Cloud Dwellers is an architecture practice recently established by Jason Haigh and Cherissa McCaughey, inspired by mid century modern architecture and design (QLD)
The Eichler Network supports the lifestyle of mid century modern homeowners in Northern and Southern California (USA)
Palm Springs Modern Committee (USA) Mid century modern preservation
Modernism Week is an annual event held in February in Palm Springs (USA) Celebrating mid century modern design
Retrostart is an online directory for websites concerning mid century modern design
Modernism (USA) is a quarterly magazine about 20th century modernist design
Atomic Ranch Magazine (USA) for architecture enthusiasts and their midcentury homes
Brisbane in Design, contemporary design event
Marcus Thorn is a tiki carver and painter based in Brisbane. His carvings are renowned for their traditional old school tiki style
Addvintage specialises in retro, danish and eames-era furniture and collectables
The Vinyl Frontier: Mid century modern furniture, lighting, glass and ceramics
Heiser Gallery represents leading contemporary Australian artists. Dealing in modern Australian works of art

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