Mid-20th Century Architecture & Design

ISBN: 9780980476736


Australian Modern Design is a unique publication providing an insight into Australian mid-20th century architecture, design, and cultural history.
Featuring contributions from local architects, writers, collectors and designers, Australian Modern Design celebrates the diversity of ideas in post-war Australia.
Discover mid-20th century architecture, design, art, fashion, furniture, caravans, and more in this eclectic journey into Australian design. 

Publisher: Chris Osborne Publishing
Title: Australian Modern Design: Mid-20th Century Architecture & Design
ISBN: 9780980476736 (hardcover)
Format: 160 Pages, A4 Landscape
Print Run: Limited Edition, 1000 Numbered Copies
Recommended Retail Price: $80
Availability: Late November 2013: Advance Orders Accepted Now
Distribution: Select Independent Bookshops, Vintage Stores, Gallery Shops


Australian Mid-20th Century Design

ISBN: 9780980476729

Welcome to Australian Modern. With resurging interest in all things mid-century, Australian Modern offers a unique retrospective of Australian mid 20th century architecture, design and cultural history.

Australian Modern examines the projects, people and style of the period, enlightening readers about the mid century modern movement and its talented and often overlooked designers. Presented is an informative and entertaining range of topics, including Googie architecture, French fashion, the Goggomobil and Meadmore furniture, also mid 20th century suburban design, and the work of architects of the era.

Australian Modern is a unique independent publishing project, proudly designed, edited and printed in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Image Design: Chris Osborne
Location: Carina, Queensland
Architect: Barry Walduck (c1961)
Models: Kat Creasey and Ella Mobbs
Car: 1959 Goggomobil Dart. Courtesy of Howard Knox OAM
Photographer: David Sandison Photography




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